“Oh, sorry, I was busy on my phone.” This keeps us captivated and it keeps us distracted. I’m Belinda Goodrich and this is your productivity hack for the day. We have a little problem with this thing, right? It’s with us all the time and constantly distracting us. Put it down. Here’s what I encourage you to do. When you’re getting ready to work through something, think about something, maybe brainstorm, instead of using your laptop, your computer, your phone, pick up a good old-fashioned pen or pencil. The act of writing actually creates new neural pathways within our brain.

I don’t know about you, but as I’ve gotten older, it feels like I remember less and less. I like to say that my head is just so full of all the exciting adventures I’ve had in my life and all the useless knowledge that I’ve stored up there, that I’ve run out of room. But that’s not true. So, the act of writing, physically pen to paper, creates those new neural pathways and actually allows us to think better and think more creatively. So, if you’re working through some issues, some problems, you’re trying to brainstorm, I encourage you to journal. I encourage you to write things down and I encourage you to mind map.

Now, when we look back across history, the most brilliant minds that we’ve had, all mind mapped. Edison, Michelangelo, Marie Curie, they all mind mapped. They allowed their brain to think in a more visual way. We are not linear beings and our brain does not work in a linear way so if I’m just typing, it’s not really giving me the brain power that I truly have. So, productivity hack number three is write it down. Brush off your pens, your pencils, get a great notebook, get a journal, and really go back to school and start writing and put this dang thing down for a little bit.