Today’s productivity hack is a little similar to the one that I mentioned for productivity hack number one, which was creating your goal and finding your purpose. Today’s productivity hack is visualize. Create a picture in your mind of what success looks like to you. What does your life look like? You know that vision boards have become very popular. Maybe you’ve participated in a session before where you’ve built your vision board, and you put pictures and words and images on a board to remind you of where you’re going and what you want. The reason vision boards are so incredibly powerful is because what the brain believes the body can achieve. When we have that visual, we’ve made it real, we’ve made it tangible, and we can work towards it in a much more focused and dedicated way.

If we have some abstract idea of where we think we want to go, “But I can’t really put it in words, nor can I picture it,” how do you know when you get there, right? It’s like having a GPS but not putting a destination into it. So, practice visualization. Practice creating that picture in your mind, and physically, through a vision board or a screensaver or a sketch of what you want in your life, where you want to go, and what is it going to look like when you get there? I use visualizations all around my office. I even have it as screensavers on my devices. When I keep the image in mind, it’s amazing how much faster I get there because I believe in what that vision is. So, productivity hack number four, visualize where you want to go. I’m Belinda Goodrich, and let’s get stuff done.