Beyond the Triple Constraint: Redefining Project Success

My first really big corporate project was a four-year project. Immediately after assigning it to me as the project manager, the leadership team asked: “So what date are you going to be delivering on?” I’m thinking, “What date? Like, four years from now, predict the actual date?” And then they said, “And how much exactly, is…

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I recently attended the National Speakers Association annual conference, “Influence”. It was fantastic! I got to present on the main stage, which is always fun. While I was there, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. “You know, I just wish I knew what your secret was, how is it that you…

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Kick Ass PM – Know Yourself – #1

After almost 30 years in project management, I have learned a lot! To be honest, the majority of my learning has come through my mistakes and failures. I have spent the last ten years sharing my project management experience and lessons learned in my classes and through my speaking engagements. With the release of my…

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Recommended Tool – Stop, Start, Continue

As part of my upcoming book, “How to be a Kick Ass Project Manager”, I advise project managers to know their flaws. If you want to grow and improve, you have to take an honest look in the mirror. What I have found is that our self-assessment of our strengths and weaknesses does not necessarily…

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