I recently attended the National Speakers Association annual conference, “Influence”. It was fantastic! I got to present on the main stage, which is always fun. While I was there, I had a conversation with a good friend of mine. “You know, I just wish I knew what your secret was, how is it that you…

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Being a Bad-Ass

Truth be told, I have an addiction. A constant, uncontrollable urge to buy books, to read books. Subject matter really isn’t much of a factor – I’m just insatiable when it comes to reading. I have developed a system for my kick-me-in-the-butt books where I try to read through them in as compressed a time…

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Recommended Tool – Stop, Start, Continue

As part of my upcoming book, “How to be a Kick Ass Project Manager”, I advise project managers to know their flaws. If you want to grow and improve, you have to take an honest look in the mirror. What I have found is that our self-assessment of our strengths and weaknesses does not necessarily…

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Act Happy to Be Happy

I just finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” – a book recommended in “You Are a Badass”. I loved THP and gleaned a lot of valuable little nuggets. And I can see why Jen recommended it in YAAB. If you’re going to be a bad-ass, be a happy bad-ass. One of my favorite little…

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