Get It Done

Destroying Distractions to Magnify Productivity

Leveraging neuroscience and behavioral psychology, this innovative keynote will challenge the participants to understand their "distraction-addiction" and engage with cutting-edge microhabits that will transform "to-do" lists to "DONE" lists.

Belinda's keynote introduces the straight-forward, nine-step process detailed in her best-selling book "Get It Done: The Simple Process for Finding Harmony by Destroying Your To-Do List":

  • Goals - Discovering Your Driver
  • Environment - Creating an Environment of Productivity
  • Time - Developing Habits to Manage Your Time
  • Insulate - Protecting Your Productivity Cocoon
  • Take Control - Hack the Hijack
  • Destroy - Eliminate Inefficiencies
  • Optimize - Practice Proper Prioritization
  • Notice - Grow Your Gratitude
  • Establish - Build Your Tribe

Customized Focus to Meet Your Needs

Inspire! Engage! Challenge!

Belinda's GET IT DONE keynote will be customized to maximize the benefit for your audience.

Workshop and breakout sessions available upon request t0 drill down on any of the nine steps. 


The Most Powerful Message Women Leaders Need to Hear

Workshop and breakout sessions available upon request.

Rosie Rising

Empowering Women Leaders

Based on Belinda's forthcoming memoir, "Call Me Rosie: My Journey from Teen Mom to CEO",  participants will engage in the motivational story the propelled Belinda to leadership roles and business success. 

Today, Belinda is a successful business owner, in-demand keynote speaker, and author. Yet, her journey was not always easy. At 16, she gave birth to her first child, an act that many advised her would ruin her life and kill her dream of going to college. A few years later, she escaped an abusive relationship with her three young children. But as a single mother, Belinda went on to create her ideal life, personally and professionally, despite multiple challenges and devastating setbacks.

Her story shows us all what we can accomplish in life despite the odds, how to live resiliently, and most importantly, how to find joy through the hardest of times. 

As a leading female keynote speaker on productivity and change, Belinda's mission is to empower other women to discover their leadership potential! 

There are five key elements to empowered leadership:

  • Resilience
  • Optimism
  • Stability
  • Integrity
  • Experience
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