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BELINDA GOODRICH cares about your privacy. We collect customer information in an effort to improve your shopping experience and to advise you about our products, services, and promotions. We will NOT sell or otherwise disclose your personal information to anyone else, for any reason. All design, photography and product information on this website is the exclusive property of BELINDA GOODRICH and cannot be duplicated for any reason without the express written permission of BELINDA GOODRICH.

Customer Feedback: In order for us to serve our clients better, we need your honest feedback. Have you had a pleasurable experience with us? Is there something you were not pleased with? Share anything and everything you would like on experiences with our products, improvements we can make, or additional products you may want us to provide. We would like to know as we are committed to serving YOU and want your complete satisfaction with our line of products and service. Please contact us, our email is reviewed daily and we will respond to your comments as quickly as possible. However, in the event this does take some time, please be patient with us. We value your input and feedback as to how we can serve you better.

Customer Assistance: If you have any questions pertaining to the status of your order, shipping claims, ordering and shipping, or general assistance with a recently placed order, contact us