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Combining Passions for Dynamic Results

Keynote Topics Include:

The Kick A$$ Project Manager

Elevating your skills from ordinary to extraordinary

There are project managers and there are kick awesome project managers. Most people don’t grow up wanting to be a project manager. Take your role from an “accidental” project manager to an “awesome” project manager. In this engaging and interactive session, participants learn the skills that will bring their project management from ordinary to extraordinary.

Business Growth Through Intelligent Project Management

The indispensible approach to exceptional business growth

In a rapidly-changing environment, businesses must harness the power of intelligent project management in order to grow, thrive, compete, and succeed. This strategic session provides business leaders with a practical and logical approach to maximizing company growth with their project management approach.

Project Manage Your Life

The Secret to an Exciting and Fulfilling Life!

Are you frustrated with everything you need to do and how little time you have to do it? Are you struggling to achieve your goals? Project management is more than just a business concept, it is how we accomplish our goals personally and professionally. Using the concepts of micro-bites of success, you will find yourself not only able to better prioritize your activities, you'll be able to grow, thrive, and succeed by achieving those goals and overcoming your obstacles.

Emotional Intelligence and Project Management

The magic piece that brings it all together

The evolving role of the project manager, from a task-manager to a strategic business partner, has highlighted the importance of emotionally intelligent project management. The great news is that emotional intelligence can be taught, practiced, and improved. This high-energy and intense session drills-down on the core attributes of emotional intelligence and why it is so critical to project management.

Project Risk Management

Ride the waves, battle the storm, and come out stronger

Proactive project risk management is essential to successful project outcomes. Being able to identify, analyze, predict, and respond to risk appropriately in an ever-changing and increasingly challenging environment are key skills for senior project managers. This real-world, practical, and engaging session provides participants with strategies and key take-aways for significantly enhancing and improving their project risk management.

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson