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Belinda's Most Frequently Requested Keynotes

Get It Done! High-Performance Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

You have goals for your business and success is the only option. When you are wearing the many hats of an entrepreneur, it can be overwhelming and progress may feel too slow. As a driven and successful entrepreneur, Belinda provides the audience with specific key take-aways that can be implemented immediately to break that cycle of frustration. In this captivating sessions, entrepreneurs and business owners learn new approaches to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and ultimately lead a more profitable business.

The Ultimate Differentiator for a Thriving Business and Life

Is it time for a re-set, a do-over, a refresher in your life and your business? Leveraging years of psychological research on human behavior, Belinda introduces the audience to a new perspective on achievement and accomplishment. An action-oriented yet motivating session, the "Ultimate Differentiator" program encourages audience members to challenge their norm and create a new approach to their everyday practices, both at home and at work.  Ideal for business leaders, entrepreneurs, sales teams, franchise owners, and personal development audiences.

Agility. Change. Innovation. Disruption. (A.C.I.D.): The Drivers of Today's Business Success

The leading expert in project management, change management, and business development, Belinda walks business leaders and business owners through the most pivotal concepts and drivers of thriving businesses for the 21st century. With the rapid pace of change, tech-savvy customers, and increasing competition, successful organizations must be adept at agility, change management, innovation, and disrupting their market. This is not achieved simply through goal-setting, but rather requires a bottom-up and top-down approach to engaging employees and leaders alike.

Banish  “Dinner Mint” Goals: Real Results through Agile Project Management

Organizations establish strategic goals in order to grow their businesses. But how often are those goals actually realized? Don't let your goals become "dinner mint" goals: melting away before they become reality. This program builds the bridge between those strategic goals and the individuals responsible for implementing those goals. Break the cycle and grow your business! Belinda's expertise in project and change management is a critical asset when your company's growth is on the line.